Pilipinas Open

Started in 2015

After being a regular adjudicator in many competitions in Asia since 2010, I was approached by my mentor and colleagues particularly Tommy Sakuratomo, Allan Yeh, Park Hyo and Jerry Abrate to come up with an international dance event in the Philippines.

Their prodding together with all the help they extended gave birth to the holding of the first-ever Pilipinas Open, and in turn, subsequently resulted in the formation of the Council of Filipino Dancers, Inc. (CFDI). To my surprise, the competition that we started in 2015 has already become the premier annual dance event in my country. 

With the collective help of beloved local dance patrons who continuously provided the needed resources as well as the unselfish support of several close friends who happen to be some of the best adjudicators and competitors from around the world, we are now on the fourth year of staging the Pilipinas Open.

Allow me to extend my heartfelt invitation for you to join us this year for another unique experience of intense competition at the dance floor combined with unparalleled camaraderie outside the dance floor. Also get a chance to participate in the top-notch dance congress by renowned dance coaches to be held alongside this year's event.

To those who have been with us in the past and to those who will be joining us the first time, I hope you will (again) say that it's really more fun in the Philippines.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Belinda Adora